The cooperation is divided into four workpackages:

WP1 management (Leader: Aalborg University)
WP2 Dissemination (Leader: University of Oslo)
WP3 Training and mobility (Leader: KTH, Stockholm)
WP4 Publications (Leader: Aalto University)


WP1 will be divided into the following tasks:

1. Kick-off and progress meetings;

2. Technical meetings and exchange monitoring;

3. Detailed project plan and update;

4. Web site creation and domain name securing;

5. Online documentation and news reporting;

6. Periodic Management Reports (one every 6 months);

7. Cost Statement Reports.

WP2 will be divided into the following tasks:

1. Create and maintain tools to present the project: web page, social media, etc.

2. Promote the usage of new SMC theories, methods and tools in both closely and more distantly related academic fields

3. Promote the diffusion of generalized knowledge about state-of-the-art SMC research both inside and outside academia, including technological industries, cultural institutions, etc.

WP3 will be divided into the following tasks:

1. organize five summer schools in all the five different locations during the extent of the network

2. promote research exchanges through STSMs

3. facilitate young researchers’ career to fund their participation to conferences.

The aim of WP4 is to reach out to the scientific and educational communities by publishing peer reviewed, Open Access research at the best conferences and in highly ranked journals, and to co-author these works with researchers and students of other partner institutions. It is expected that many of these joint publications will be fruits of the mobility program implemented in NordicSMC.

The NordicSMC partners will arrange special issues devoted to research challenges in the SMC field for top-tier international scientific journals. Special issues provide a quick way to get scientific papers published in important journals, and the visibility of a paper in a special issue is better than alone in a regular issue. Prof. V¨alim¨aki (AALTO) has organized several special issues in the past few years and can help initiate them in the context of this network.