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Aalborg University

Lynda Joy Gerry creates virtual environments that allow two people to simultaneously share an embodied, first-person perspective. Her project involves using these systems with motion tracking, interactive feedback, and adaptive audio to facilitate musical learning and creative expression while playing the piano.

Silvin Willemsen‘s PhD regards Virtually Extending Traditional Musical Instruments using Physical Modelling. What this means is to take a Traditional Musical instrument, build a model of the instrument based on its real physical parameters and then explore what parameters would be interesting to make dynamic. The main research question is thus: How can we extend on (the sound of) traditional instruments using real-time simulations based on physical models?

Aalto University

Karolina Prawda PhD’s will focus on developing systems for varying the acoustic properties of rooms and spaces by means of both active and passive methods with the help of parametric design and virtual reality, with which I will be able to create realistic simulations of both acoustic and visual effect the designed systems will have on the considered space.

The goal of Joonas Tuovinen master’s thesis is to crate a fast and accurate program to work as the audio signal processing side of a semi-automatic piano tuning system.

University of Oslo
Tejaswinee Kelkar investigates what is it within melodies and music that causes people to move to them in particular ways.

Ulf Holbrook has a background as a sculptor, sound artist and composer. His research is focused on algorithmic spatialisation techniques and the development of software tools for composers and sound artists. Specifically the focus is on the development of high-level tools which incorporate stochastic, evolutionary and chaotic methods to spatialise sounds over speakers alongside developments of methods to explore multichannel sound through reverb, filtering, band-splitting, flutter echoes and particle systems. The spatial methods are framed within a Schaefferian practice-led methodology.

KTH Stockholm

Claudio Panariello, PhD Sound and and Music Computing, KTH Stockholm

Title of the thesis or doctoral project
Robust Non-Verbal Expression in Virtual Agents and Humanoid Robots: New Methods for Augmenting Gestures with Sound and Music
Short description of the doctoral project
The scientific work will be conducted within the framework of a project aimed at developing new theories, guidelines, models, and tools for the sonic representation of stylized body motion qualities in interactive applications, such as robust non-verbal expression in virtual agents and humanoid robots.