Some of the senior and young researchers involved in Nordic SMC.

The researchers below represent the steering committee of Nordic SMC.

Contact person Institution Country E-mail
Stefania Serafin Aalborg University Denmark sts (at)
Sofia Dahl Aalborg University Denmark sof (at)
Simone Spagnol Aalborg University Denmark ssp (at)
Mads G. Christensen Aalborg University Denmark mgc (at)
Vesa Valimaki Aalto U. Finland vesa.valimaki (at)
Ville Pulkki Aalto U. Finland ville.pulkki (at)
Alexander Refsum Jensenius University of Oslo Norway a.r.jensenius (at)
Roberto Bresin KTH Sweden roberto (at)
Kjetil Hansen KTH Sweden kjetil (at)
Rúnar Unnþórsson University of Island Island runson (at)